where are they today

What Happened To Them After Misty ?

There were 157 Misty Pilots and as of March 2021:

  • 73 are still on our lists
  • 82 are known deceased
  •   3 status unknown

Names in red  are linked to that person’s biography:

Misty 1 Bud Day became a POW, was awarded the Medal of Honor, retired from the USAF and practiced law in Florida until 27 July 2013 when God called for him to be with his friends and heros in heaven.

Misty 2 Bill Douglass retired and became a nuclear power engineer in Mt. Vernon, IA, then moved to Colorado Springs, CO where lung failure finally took him west on 17 March 2012.

Misty 3 Glenn Jones was Gen. Creech’s Executive, retired and died of a brain tumor.

Misty 4 Gary Tompkins retired from the USAF and taught Advanced Placement economics, government, U.S. history etc. at Rim High School in Lake Arrowhead, California.  In 2004, he passed the equal time mark: 21 years in the USAF and 21 years teaching, then he retired from teaching in 2008 (after 25 years).  He says, “Pat and I will celebrate our 50th this year (2010), and we still live in Lake Arrowhead where we’ve had many years of happy marriage!”

Misty 5  Bill Mayberry retired from the USAF, then Boeing, then his own consulting firm.   He passed away on 23 September 2020

Misty 6 Dick Meyer retired, built the B-1 and B-2 bombers and retired again.

Misty 7 Barney Dalton retired, became a high school math teacher and retired again.

Misty 8 Maurice McHugh is deceased.

Misty 9 Charles “Chuck” Turner got into weapons testing, retired and worked for Raytheon.  A massive heart attack took him west on 19 May 2009.

Misty 10 Jack Harris flew the F111 for 17 years, retired and flew for a small

Misty 11 Paul Magill is deceased.

Misty 12 Bob Blocher retired, was a Arizona corporate executive then a pecan grower and full y retired in Green Valley when he flew West on 18 May 2014.

Misty 13 Kipp Kippenhan flew 30 years for United Airlines, still loves to fly, and is retired in North Carolina.

Misty 14 Sam Boyd retired as a Colonel and is living in Houston, Texas as
President of an aerospace engineering company building human spaceflight

Misty 15 Keith Heinger retired as a Colonel and became a pilot for the State of Wyoming. He died in 2015.

Misty 16 Dick Cunningham retired, became an airline pilot, retired again, and is now a substitute teacher in grades K-12.  He also grows wine grapes on his property in Napa, California.

Misty 17 Bob Craner became a POW, an Air Attaché and died of a heart attack.

Misty 18 George Pinney was residing in Peoria, AZ, when he passed away on 22 October 2014.

Misty 19 Nape Miller retired from the USAF and is a farmer in Ohio.

Misty 20 William R. “Bob” Porter is deceased.

Misty 21 P.J. White started Red Flag, retired, and founded Sandia Airways in New Mexico.

Misty 22 Charlie Neel retired and is President/CEO of a new start-up company.

Misty 23 Jere_Wallace retired from Air Force in 1987, American Airlines in
2001 and resides in Fairfax Station, VA.

Misty 24 After Misty, Jim Mack concentrated his career on working for failing airlines, and successfully collected 7 different uniforms.  Jim finally joined the “dark side” (FAA) and is “trying” to retire from the FAA to help wife Penny sell real estate in Colorado Springs. On his days off, Jim enjoys driving over his head in his vintage dirt midget race car, referred to as his “old man’s F-100.”  Stay tuned…

Misty 25 Eben “Jonsey” Jones retired and managed a brick factory in central Texas until July 2015 when he truly retired.

Misty 26 Don “Sib” Sibson retired from the Air Force and is a ski and sailing bum.

Misty 27 Gene Mooney is deceased.

Misty 28 Ray Wellington retired as a Colonel, flew corporate jets for sixteen years, and retired again. Hehad two professional pilot sons; one an international Gulfstream Captain, and the other a former navy F/A-18 pilot, currently a MD-11 First Officer with FedEx.  He passed away 19 December 2021.

Misty 29 Guy Gruters became a POW, an airline pilot and ran a computer
business.  His book “Locked Up With God”, originally published as an eBook for Kindle, recently became available from Amazon.com as a printed book.  Also, the video of his May 2013 TV interview with Diane Sawyer concerning POWs is now available at Remembering The POWs Of The VietNam War (bottom of the web page).

Misty 30 Mick Greene retired, became an Aerospace Program Manager, and  lived in Monument, Colorado where he  authored the book, “The Life and Adventures of an Old Bold Pilot”.  After a long illness,  where he beat Covid-19,  Mick died March 13, 2021.

Misty 31 James V (Jim) Fiorelli after leaving SEA Jim  was an instructor pilot at Williams AFB and then went on an exchange tour flying F-104s at Cold Lake, Canada. He then joined the Tucson Air Guard’s 162nd TFG in October, 1972, and got reacquainted with the F-100.  For 22 years he   flew fulltime for the Tucson Air National Guard until he  died of a heart attack while investigating an aircraft accident in the mountains of Arizona on March 9, 1994 .

Misty 32 Dr. Ed Risinger graduated from medical school in ’73, became a radiologist, and retired again in Austin, Texas.  Mimi said that Ed quietly slipped away at home on 17 June 2015.  As one of the primary facilitators of the Misty organization as we know it now, Ed has joined “his” Mistys; that is, those who preceded him on their westward flights.

Misty 33 Hog Piner retired after 24 years in the Air Force and lives in Pineville, Louisianna.

Misty 34 Don Shepperd retired as a Major General and head of the Air National Guard.  He is currently a military analyst for CNN and ABC radio.

Misty 35 Don Jones retired, joined the CAP, became a charter pilot and re-retired.

Misty 36 Brian “B. Willy” Williams retired from the USAF and lives in Hailey, Idaho.

Misty 37 Carroll “Bill” “C Willy” Williams retired and owned a business modifying helicopters. He passed on 3 November 2008.

Misty 38 Charlie “Whispering” Smith became an evangelical preacher.  He retired from the ministry in 2000 and lived since then in a secure assisted living facility near his wife, Kay. He flew west on 23 March 2015.

Misty 39 Elmer Slavey retired, moved to Mexico, ran a boat charter business, and played poker semi-professionally in Las Vegas.  Elmer left us in Jan 2017.

Misty 40 Dick Rutan retired, became a world adventurer (e.g., flew in AN-2
wooden biplane to the North Pole, organized an after-30-years return to
Vietnam, attempted an around-the-world balloon flight, etc), and he’s best
known for being the first man to fly the first non-stop, un-refueled flight
by a light aircraft around the world.

Misty 41 Charlie Summers retired, owns an aviation company and flies weather
research in a T-28.

Misty 42 Stan Mamlock retired after 28 years of Air Force service then played golf until flying west.

Misty 43 Howie Williams was killed in action.

Misty 44 Lanny Lancaster retired and divides his time between defense consulting and wine importing.

Misty 45 P.K. Robinson flew a second tour in F-4s where he became a POW,
retired from the USAF after 26 years, retired from banking after 20 years and
now lives in Colorado.

Misty 46 Mike McElhanon was killed in action.

Misty 47 Don Kilgus retired and died in an
automobile accident on the D.C. Beltway in 1988.

Misty 48 Frank Swartz retired from the USAF, retired from Honeywell, and retired from the consultanting business. Lives in Albuquerque, NM.

Misty 49 George Hanks taught Vietnamese to fly A-37s and became a chemical

Misty 50 Wells Jackson became a general contractor and raises coffee in Panama.

Misty 51 John Overlock was killed in

Misty 52 Charles “Chuck” Shaheen flew for Continental Airlines till
1985, had a construction company in Los Angeles 1973-1977, moved to Fresno
and farmed grapes, mellons, and oranges from 1977-1989, left Continental in
1985, began a career in marketing as V.P. Pepco Extruded Products, and
eventually ended up as an owner and V.P. Marketing for Affiliated Equipment
Financing, Inc. in Fresno, California.  Still working!!

Misty 53 Richard Durant retired and died in 1996.

Misty 54 Steve Amdor retired and works for SAIC on the F-22 OT&E team.

Misty 55 Dave Jenny worked as operations manager and vice president with
SAIC.  He’s now fully retired and lives on the Flying J, a small ranch
in Central Texas with lots of room for guests.

Misty 56 Ted Powell retired, worked for NASA in New Mexico and died of cancer.

Misty 57 Bud Bacon retired as a Brigadier General in 1980.   He died at his home in Knoxville, Tennessee on June 2, 2008.

Misty 58 Jim Perry went to medical school and became an orthopedic surgeon.  He died on 30 October 2006 from cancer.

Misty 59 Don Harlan flew the FB111, served in USAFE/SAC, retired, and died of cancer.

Misty 60 Roy Bridges became an Astronaut, retired from the USAF as a Major General, and was director of NASA’s John F. Kennedy Space Center from March 2, 1997, to Aug. 9, 2003.  He left the KSC to become the director of the Langley Research Center in Hampton, Va.

Misty 61 Frank Kimball retired as a Colonel from HQ TAC (DOT) in 1986; worked 14 years in McConnell Douglas/Boeing as Program Mgr/Executive in Aerospace Support; Retired in 2001 to help start a small business (Avchem) managing aerospace chemicals – successfully sold his interest in 2009 and retired; Unretired in March 2010 when he joined a CNC Precision Machining Company that manufactures structural parts for Boeing, Lockheed, etc.- where he still enjoys running the Sales Dept.  Currently lives in Chesterfield, MO with the lovely Mary, who is still working for the US Government (“I’ll quit when she does!”).

Misty 62 Whitey Thompson was a test pilot, retired and teaches in an urban high school.

Misty 63 Doug Weidman retired then flew for Northwest Airlines.  He could  be found most days  at the Pima County Shooting Range in Tucson, Az.  Doug unexpectedly flew west May 14, 2020.

Misty 64 Robert Lynch retired from the Air Force to Tennessee and died of natural causes about 1994.

Misty 65 Bob Fitzsimmons became an airline pilot and retired from UAL in 2000.  Cancer took him West in March 2004.

Misty 66 Kelly Irving retired and went on to become an airline pilot.  He died on September 5, 2020

Misty 67 Rosie Detwiler did a second tour in F-4’s (Laredo Fac for four
months), he joined the New York Air National Guard as an O-2 FAC, but then transitioned to C-5’s where he participated in Just Cause (Panama) and Desert Shield/Storm. He retired as B/Gen in 1997 and then retired as Chief Pilot at Citigroup in the Spring of 2009.  He now flies a Dassault Falcon 7X aircraft for a private corporation and in 2012 published a book of his flying adventures: The Great Muckrock and Rosie.

Misty 68 John “Bones” Kretz retired, returned home to become a rancher in New Mexico, and flew west on 25 June 2014 after a prolonged illness.

Misty 69 Jerry Edwards is deceased.

Misty 70 Bob Konopka retired after 23 years in USAF, plus 22 years in the
Aerospace Industry with Ford Aerospace, Lockheed Sanders and ViaSat.  Bob headed west with his family by his side August 27, 2018.

Misty 71 Chris Kellum retired from USAF as Lt Col in December 1983, worked at ITT in Fort Wayne, IN until July 1997, and he then moved to Hatteras,NC until September 2009.  Effective 30 April 2011, he moved to Kokomo, IN with his new wife Joanie .  He was fully retired in Kokomo when massive cardiac arrest during a routine dialysis procedure took him west on 26 September 2013.

Misty 72 Roger Rice was killed in a military aircraft crash.

Misty 73 Clyde Seiler was killed in action a few days after leaving Misty.

Misty 74 Norris Hanks died on Monday July 26, 2004 at his residence in Hollywood, Maryland.

Misty 76  Chuck Holden flew his third tour in F-4’s, retired from the Air
Force as a Colonel at Nellis AFB and ran a couple of corporate flight departments (jet qualified) in Las Vegas, Nevada.  He died of Covid-19 on Feb 21,  2021 after a valient fight.

Misty 76 Stanton McMasters Smith retired from the ANG in 1981 and from Northwest Airlines in 1998. He passed away on December 15, 2016.

Misty 77 Bob Bryan served a second tour flying F-4s at Korat RTAB.
Retired 1989 as O-6.  Bob’s second career was flying for United Parcel Service, where he was a captain of the DC-8, 767 and 757 in his 17 year career for UPS.  He retired in 2002 and in 2007 moved to Emory, Texas where he passed away on 31 May 2015.

Misty 78 Don Masuret retired Col from DC ANG as well as the federal government in 1985.  Then went to Key West and worked with Mel Fisher on the Spanish galleon “Atchoa” off the Florida Keys.  While in Key West spent six years sightseeing in Cuba and  now currently  lives  in Florida.

Misty 79 Al Winkelman retired, moved to Salt Lake City and is a ski instructor.

Misty 80 Greg Parker is now a stevedore superintendent at the Port of Savannah, Georgia.

Misty 81 Matt Husson retired from the USAF, retired from a second career as an engineer where he was also an active paramedic, and is now working as an RN in an emergency room.

Misty 82 Jim Sue retired from the ANG and from a flying career with Eastern Air Lines and KIWI airlines and now spends full time with his investments, exercising, and volunteer work in Miami, FL.

Misty 83 Bob Cassaro flew full-time for the ANG and taught F-16 academics.  Cass died October 18, 2020.

Misty 84 Richard Hepworth retired as colonel and is now deceased.

Misty 85 Roger Winblade went to NASA, retired as the Chief of the General Aviation Division, and passed away at his home in Temple Hills, MD on 11 January 2008.

Misty 86 Ron Fogleman attained the rank of General (4 stars) and became the 15th Chief of Staff of the United States Air Force.

Misty 87 Gerrit (Jerry) Walhout returned to the National Transportation Safety Board as an Air Safety Investigator and also rejoined the DC Air National Guard as a part time jock.  He retired from the DC Air Guard in 1985 with 22 years of fun flying.  He retired from the NTSB on Jan.1, 2000 as the Chief of the Human Performance Division. Jerry claimed to have been the only “foreigner” in Misty, complete with Dutch accent.  Col. Creech questioned him closely about his loyalties after they flew together at one time.  He passed. Jerry amused himself by being on the Board of his Condo in Fairfax, VA. and writing the Condo Newsletter.  He lived by the “no more than one task per full day” motto, and Jerry passed away on 6 September 2008
from complications after surgery.  He was interred at Arlington National Cemetery on 16 December 2008.

Misty 88 John Grathwol retired, went into industry, fully retired in 1998, died in 2000.

Misty 89 Arnie Clarke retired again on 1 Jan 2004 and was working on
building a Glastar on amphibian floats.  In September ’05, he flew 66.5
hours to commemorate Canada’s first Atlantic crossing.  He also visited major
aviation museums in Canada and flew in the Toronto airshow.   Go to
www.airic.ca and Classic Aircraft to see photos over Toronto.  Cancer took Arnie from us on 13 December 2010.

Misty 90 Bill Wallace left the Air Force and became a philosopher and software guru.

Misty 91 John Boles flew with the ANG, retired, was president of a chemical
company, and is now retired and living in Florida and Maine.

Misty 92 Dennis Hlad retired and lives in Florida.

Misty 93 Lacy Veach became an Astronaut, flew twice on the Shuttle and died of cancer.  He’s buried at the National Cemetery at The Punchbowl, Honolulu, HI.

Misty 94 Tony McPeak attained the rank of General (4 stars) and became the
14th Chief of Staff of the United States Air Force.  Click here for a video of Tony describing his May 2012 book, Hangar Flying, his first book of a trilogy.

Misty 95 Rowland Stanley was a USAF test pilot and an exchange instructor at USNTPS when he was killed in an A-3 crash on 26 Jan 1980.

Misty 96 Bruce Brown retired and is an executive in the financial securities

Misty 97 Bob Wilson retired from the USAF after 26 years.  He was proud of his time as a Misty and his involvement in the development of the F-15.  He passed away June 26, 2020.

Misty 98 James Osgood left the Air Force and is a Captain with Northwest

Misty 99 Ron Standerfer retired, was a corporate aviation executive, and is now a novelist and freelance writer in Gulf Stream, FL!  His recent book, The Eagle’s
Last Flight
(www.theeagleslastflight.com),  chronicles the life of an F-100 pilot and his family during the Cold War and Vietnam years.

Misty 100 Gib Ahl retired as a Colonel in 1987 and still lives near Tampa, Florida.  He took a five year sabbatical after retiring from the USAF to rebuild MG’s and renovate the family residence then started and owned two different Mortgage Companies for 12 years.  Retired again in 2003.  Now a single father to Chad (18) and Nathan (15) after losing wife of 30 years (Maria) to breast cancer in September 2014.

Misty 101 Jim Nugent retired from the USAF in 1990 as a colonel; worked for
E-Systems, Raytheon, and L-3 Communications as Operations Director; retired
again in 2007.  Jim passed on July 26, 2019.

Misty 101 Mike Cummings flew for Delta Airlines and is deceased.

Misty 103 Andy Christensen flew 111s, retired and is in the financial services business.

Misty 104 Dave Skilling retired from the Air Force, worked for the Lockheed
Skunk Works, retired again from Northwest Airlines cockpits in 2006, and is living in Marietta, GA when he’s not traveling the world.

Misty 105 Jack Dickey retired as a Major General.

Misty 106 Laurent “Lee” Gourley was killed in action.

Misty 107 Rufus Edwards retired from the Air Force in 1983 and opened a
construction company from which he retired in 1995 to live in Crestview, Florida.  He passed away in Pensacola on 29 May 2010.

Misty 108 Ted Kroese retired, became the Boeing simulator site manager at
Eglin AFB, then fully retired in Forida.  After a long bout with cancer, he flew west on 27 July 2012.

Misty 109 Michael Martin retired from the USAF with 22 years of service in 1988 and he became employed as an engineering consultant with Entron Systems, Inc. in Ridgecrest, CA.  Lung complications took him west on 12 April 2001, and inurnment was at the National Cemetary in Santa Fe, NM.

Misty 110 Jefferson “Scotty” Dotson was killed in action.

Misty 111 Robert Seabury was killed in a T-38 crash after Viet Nam.

Misty 112 Vic Macomber retired from USAF Feb 1973; from A.G.Edwards, stock broker, in Feb 2003; now works 2 days a week as a volunteer aircraft mechanic at Owls Head Transportation Museum, Owls Head, ME.  When not working he dabbles at golf, tennis, and skiing.

Misty 113 George Buchkowski flew for Delta Airlines and retired in July 2000. George flew west October 18, 2019.

Misty 114 John Hammar retired and lived in Montgomery, Alabama, where he
flew corporate aircraft until cancer took him on a flight West in October 2010.

Misty 115 Wayne Chaffer died of cancer in 2003.  He was V.P. of International Marketing for Magnavox.

Misty 116 Norm Lutz retired and was a director of wastewater treatment for 15

Misty 117 T.K. Egan flew for Eastern Airlines and is retired in Florida.

Misty 118 Jerry Hallman retired as a Colonel and married a Lt. Colonel.
He said they both loved the Air Force.  He briefly flew for American
Airlines.  He and his wife, Bonnie, worked in real estate where he was a
broker/manager of almost 100 agents.  He moved to Hilton Head Island,
South Carolina and has a home warranty company.  Jerry passed away on July 8, 2018

Misty 119 Don “Devil” Muller retired as a Colonel and was an F-15 instructor at
Tyndall AFB, Florida at the time he went West on 16 November 2010.

Misty 120 Gerry Van Riper retired as a Colonel and became a real estate broker. He died 15 December 2009 at his home in Scotia, NY.  He died Dec 14, 2009

Misty 121 Robert Putz retired, became an airline pilot and lives in Houston,

Misty 122 Dennis “Festus” Campbell retired and flew for Southwest Airlines.  He retired again in 2004 and lived  in the mountains of Park, AZ where he could  be found most days with a chainsaw in hand.   He flew west  December 2015. Cancer was the cause.

Misty 123 After Misty, Bill Teske flew F-111s, served as Defense and Air Attache to Sweden and Latvia, then retired to Idaho, becoming a fulltime foster dad and pro-life advocate.  Currently, Vice-President of Salt and Light Radio, Inc., promoting Catholic radio in southwest Idaho.

Misty 124 Mario Peraldo retired and is a farmer in Fallon, Nevada.

Misty 125 Thomas Stone lives in Michigan retired on the lake shore. Left the AF after Vietnam and worked for TWA for a couple of months when they laid many off. Went into corporate aviation and was a Chief Pilot of two different companies for over 40 years. before retired to boyhood home in 2005.

Misty 126  Bill Gabel retired, became a CPA and owned a tax and consulting firm.  He died December 22, 2021.

Misty 127 Patrick Henry “Pat” Carroll was shot down/BNR (2 Nov 69).

Misty 128 after Misty, Gary “Trapper” Nophsker flew the SLUF (A7D) at Myrtle Beach, taught three years at the Army Command and General Staff College, then back to the SLUf at the Beach.  Next came 8 years in Korea as Executive to three successive ACC/USAFK Commanders, then he was made the CC 314AD Det 1 and 7AF Dir of Spt Ops (Korea).  In Oct ’89, he retired after over 28 years in the USAF, worked for another 17 years at Texas Education Agency, and then lived  on his 2 acre miniranch in Driftwood, TX fooling around as the Misty website guru.  Gary flew west June 24, 2020.

Misty 129 George Cranston “downgraded” to the F4E after Misty.
He flew the F4C&D (19 1/2 years) and the A10 in the AF Reserve
until he retired as a colonel in 1997.  Operated a family-owned truck
parts business in Tampa (go BUCs) until 1987, and now owns and operates a
truck and RV repair business in Jacksonville, Florida.  Hosted Super
Bowl XXXIX in 2005 (Just kidding, but nice OER material).

Misty 130 Jim Cruson retired and runs a Grand Canyon tour airline from Las

Misty 131 Dick Rice retired from USAF and Lockheed; now demos/sells Pilatus

Misty 132 Jack Clapper left the USAF, went to law school and is a trial
lawyer in California.

Misty 133 Rich Reitan flew fighters his whole career, built his own plane and
still flies.

Misty 134 Josh Merrill’s last known address was Eastham, Maine.

Misty 135 Troy “Rex” Morris is a power company engineer in Gilmer,

Misty 136 Lawrence “Larry” Whitford was shot down/BNR (2 Nov 69).

Misty 137 Alan “Robby” Robinson joined the Hawaii ANG and became Chief Pilot for an airline. He is now retired and lives in Honolulu Hawaii.

Misty 138 Harry Scott played around with the airplane game for a few years after he got out of the AF in 1980. He eventually earned his MBA and went to work for the state of Florida in Tallahassee.  He passed away January 29, 2017

Misty 139 George Lapham retired, ran a credit union and lived in Saco ME since 2001 with his wife, Charlotte.   He flew West on 28 April 2013.

Misty 140 John Nystrom’s location is unknown.

Misty 141 Jerry Ryder retired, worked for the Social Security Admistration
for 20 years and retired again. He died Feb 1, 2014

Misty 142 Dick Robbins retired, joined Civil Service as an engineer and
retired again.

Misty 143 Dan Brown flew F-111s, F-5s in Yemen, and FAC’d with the Army.
After the Air Force, he has flown 8800 contract military flight
training hours in MU-2s for Weapons Controllers, ECM Learjets in Air Defense training, and T-47s, T-1s, T-39s in Joint and Allied Service NFO/WSO training.  He continues contract flying.

Misty 144 Hank Buttleman passed away September 16, 2019

Misty 145  Jack Doub retired, formed a Piper Dealership, retired again in San Diego, flew Lears in NATO Threat Simulation out of Holland, retired for the last time,before returned home to live in Valdosta, Georgia… spoiling grandkids and honchoing the Misty Reunions unitl he left us in January 2017

Misty 146 Lynn Farnsworth became an airline pilot, flew with the ANG and
AFRES, and retired from airline flying in 2002.  His wife and he owned
several corporations, but have started divesting themselves of them so they can completely retire.  He is building, with the help of a
builder-assist facility, a Lancair Legacy for racing in the Sport Class at
the Reno air races.  He had hoped to have it ready to go in 2004, but it wasn’t ready until after the race was over.  It’s modeled after Darryl Greenamyers race plane.  He also follows the activities of his son Kyle, who is a pitcher for the Chicago Cubs.

Misty 147 Robert “Mike” Armstrong flew the U-2 for a while after Misty then became a teacher in the Tennessee prison system and the head of aviation at a small college.  He passed away on 8 December 2003.

Misty 148 Paul Tackabury became a test pilot, retired and became a V.P. with Northrop.  He has re-retired, lives in Laguna Beach CA, restores and flys vintage airplanes and lives off his lovely wife’s professor pay.  Paul died on March 27, 2021

Misty 149 Dave Thomson retired in 1989, went to work for Boeing as a Division Safety Manager for 5 years, then moved to Colorado when he accepted a teaching position with the Southern California Safety Institute (the old USC Safety school that many of us attended while on active duty).  He fully retired as of the first of 2004 to Cañon City, Colorado, and is enjoying travelling, golf, and boating.  They have a winter place in the Rio Grande Valley and are enjoying the weather–not as warm as last year, but no snow either!!.

Misty 150 Vince Cattolica retired in 1991 with 24 years of service in the U.S. Air Force and ANG.  On 1 July 2010, he retired from a 22 year career as a CFP and Retirement Planning Consultant with A.G. Edwards & Sons, and Wells Fargo Advisors.  He is now living in Pinetop, Arizona enjoying a life amongst the Ponderosa Pines with all the fishing he can get in.

Misty 151 J.P. Richards left the Air Force and is a captain with Delta Airlines.

Misty 152 Moose Millard retired after 20 years, and then flew for Southwest Airlines.  Cancer took him from us on3 February 2009.

Misty 153 Mike Hinkle retired as colonel and is now a wood sculpturer living near San Antonio, Texas.

Misty 154 Jim Davies retired from the Air Force and became a Captain with Delta Airlines.  Leukemia sent him west on 2 July 2008.

Misty 155 Jerry Marks resided in Minden, NV until 7 July 2013 when a heart attack sent him west.  He is currently at rest in Arlington National Cemetery with Sylvia, his beloved wife of 39 years, buried at his side.

Misty 156 Dave Robb is deceased.

Misty 157 Dave Samuel flew fighters, did ROTC, retired and was a realtor in
Boulder, Colorado.  Dave passed away on September 24, 2020.

Misty A 1 Ray Lee retired, formed a consulting company and an oil exploration company.

Misty A 2 Don Snyder retired as a Lt Gen, USAF, and currently lives in
Western Pennsylvania.

Misty A 3 Tom Tapman Retired from the Air Force as a colonel and he originated Tapman Investments in Belton, Texas where he was the company president. He made his final flight west the evening of 26 December 2014.

Misty A 4 Preston Hardy served after Vietnam with HQ 9th AF and HQ AFROTC.  He retired in 1972 and returned to his hometown of Dillon, SC where he landscaped his retirement home and planted over 5000 Azaleas, served as a South Carolina Land Resources Commissioner, and was Chairman of the Dillon County Historical Society.  He was a prolific runner and competed in full marathons until diagnosed with lung cancer in late 1983.  He began his final Heavenly flight on Mar 28, 1985.

Misty A 5 Ted Hascall retired and returned to Texas A&M for a Ph.D.  He died in 2001.

Misty F 1 Dr. Dean Echenberg traveled the world for a few years after Vietnam before coming home and setting up a Medical Practice in San Francisco. He then attended Cal Berkeley for a MPH and PhD in public health and worked as head of Infectious Disease Control in San Francisco during the height of the AIDS epidemic.  (Obviously he could have done a better job.)  He has also been involved in international health, heading up Project HOPE Europe, consulting in the Caucasus, the Balkans and more recently helping to deal with the results of the earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia.  Currently, he lives at home in Tiburon CA and has become the happy bum he always meant to be.

Misty F 2 Dr. Bob Gordon left the USAF and VN in 1970 settling in San Diego. He practiced Woman’s Health Care for the next 45 years. Research papers published also included “The Use of Canines in the Detection of Human Cancers.” He retired in 2014 and continued his interests in rehabilitating birds of prey with Project Wildlife, volunteering as a docent at the San Diego Zoo and SD Natural History Museum and doing multiple monthly educational programs at nature venues on raptors. He gave up private flying opting to fly vicariously through his hawk’s (they do it so much better) eyes as a falconer.

Misty I 1 Ray Bevivino left the Air Force and started an international
jewelry import business. Ray and his wife died  March 6, 2017.

Misty I 2 John Haltigan rotated to Hickam AFB and would include BDA on Misty directed strikes in briefings at PACAF Hdqs.  He currently works for the Department of Veterans Affairs in Washington, DC.

Misty I 3 Roger Van Dyken concluded his five years active duty at Ramstein, then continued for 27+ years in the active Reserves in Intelligence, assigned to Pacific and EUCOM Hq.  He retired as an O-6.  In civilian life he was on a Presidential campaign staff, served 3 terms as a Washington State Representative, operated a farm, taught school, operated non-profit organizations, and founded and operated San Juan Sailing in Bellingham, WA for over 30 years.  He returns to Route Pack I in North Viet Nam for two to three months each year, working in the local community.

Misty I 6 Jim Titus taught for 18 years at the U.S. Air Force Academy, became Dean of Research at Air University, and is now back at the A.F. Academy as a professor.

Misty S 1 Joe Caruso returned to the states in Apr 68 as the Administrative Supervisor for the Deputy Chief of Staff/Personnel, Hq, Hq Command, USAF. Retrained into Personnel in 1969 and was the NCOIC Airmen and Officer Assignments, Andrews AFB.  Served a tour at Rhein Main from 73-77 as the Athletic Director before going back to Andrews and retraining again this time into the Club Career Field.  Retired in 85 from the AF and currently is the Chief, Community Support Flight at Goodfellow AFB, Tex where he oversees the operations of the Collocated Club, Bowling Center, Outdoor Recreation, Marina, Skills Development, ITT ticket and tours.  Joe currently has 46 years federal service.

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