As long as Colonel Bud Day (Misty #1) was held captive as a POW in North Vietnam, the pilots of his F-100 Commando Sabre squadron vowed that they would not hold a reunion.  It was a happy day when Bud was released, and the Mistys started holding reunions with a vengeance.  These are links to some of those crazy, happy occasions.


Please realize that this is an ongoing effort to recover pictures taken long ago as well as a damn-near impossible task to identify everyone in the pics.  Help with names and more pictures if you can, and check back every so often — these pages will get better!     – Misty 128

This page is a work in progress during the transfer of the old Misty site.

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However if there is new information on any recent get-together’ s…send them along…

  • 2009 Reunion in Destin, FL
  • 2008 mini-Reunion at Lake Oswego & Evergreen Museum, OR
  • 2007 Reunion in Destin, FL and Tyndall AFB
  • 2006 mini-Reunion in Colorado
  • 2005 Reunion in Destin, FL and Eglin AFB
  • 2003 Reunion in Colorado Springs
  • 2001 Reunion at Ron Fogleman’s Ranch, Durango, CO