F-100F 56-3837

This is the F-100F that Ed flew with a hole in the horizontal stabilizer on his last mission!


October 2002: (pictures below)  “There hasn’t been much progress in the last month due to the big aircraft moves for the new building (including removing the B-36 from a hangar…they had to take part of the end of the building off to get it out!) 56-3837 has been sanded for repaint, so after the museum Restoration folks are done with the big moves, work should continue to progress.”     says Jeff Duford, USAFM/MUA
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16 December 2002 (pictures below):   “As you can see below, the restoration staff here have put on the vertical and the horizontals, replaced the F-102 afterburner with an original F-100 afterburner, and painted and installed the refueling probe and drop tanks.  They have also applied the overall SEA paint scheme, and the crew is beginning to apply the stencils and the national insignias.  Sure is looking great!”    Jeff Duford
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UPDATE…11 March 2003:   ‘837 is nearly done.  The exterior paint and markings are finished, and they are putting the final touches on the outboard pylon, pod, and rockets.  The only thing left is the cockpit and the rear seat.  It’s really looking great!   I hope you get the chance to come visit us and see it…    Jeff Duford




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6 September 2007 (pictures above):   For those of you who might have missed seeing 56-3837 after it was restored and put on display, here are some photos.  It is painted like it appeared when Ed Risinger finished his tour (see the pix at the top of this page).    Note that it is in a prominent place at the beginning of the gallery!

Jeff Duford, Historian
National Museum of the US Air Force

1100 Spaatz St.
Wright-Patterson AFB, OH 45433

Comm (937) 255-4644 x739
DSN 785-4644 x739
Fax Comm (937) 255-9204
Fax DSN 785-9204


Learn more about 837……………………….. How this aircraft was saved from being a tin can in the desert after first surviving Viet Nam, then a short life as a drone, is at http://geocities.com/rebaron12us/Home.html.   The story is told by her crew chief from the 1960s who called her “The Ghost”.  He even traced her assignments (with pictures) from Nov 1957 through the present, including its time with Misty.

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