New Diorama of MISTY’s over North Vietnam

Source: 54 MISTY’s over North Vietnam


A Norwegian Hobbiest has made a very detail diorama of Misty hitting a target in North Vietnam.

from his site……

This diorama is made to honour the incredible brave crews who flew the Misty’s

There are many reasons why a diorama like this never can be an accurate time-capture of what happened in Vietnam in 1969.


To the Misty community, I apologize for all the faults in this work.

That said, it would have made a lousy diorama with a Super Sabre 1000-2000 feet above ground firing a couple of WP rockets to mark the enemy position.

I needed more drama to make this interesting.

First of all, the Misty needs to be at treetop level – which I know is far too low. To make it realistic, the Hun should have been at least 10 feet above the diorama (!)

Secondly, the Misty’s did not use bombs, but I believe that the rockets from the Misty might have hit a fuel or ammo truck which exploded (that’s possible isn’t?)


I placed the Hun as far away from the explosion as possible (the diorama is only 35 inch long), but whatever I do, it will be unrealistic close. I should probably have made the diorama 6 feet long to get it a little more correct.


To shorten a long story: A diorama like this will never be realistic – but I hope it will be believable and fun to look at – and most of all a tribute to the brave men in the Misty’s


Bjørn Jacobsen