Hello world!

Here is our first test post/comment/rant….not a very auspicious start, however it a post, or comment and more will be here if you want….but once we get it working, there can be a place for chats, topics of choice, or general rants all in MISTY good taste…which will leave us a lot of leeway.



1 thought on “Hello world!

  1. 01/01/2016
    That’s a great initial effort, Dean. My congratulations.
    I’ve completed my first scan of what you’ve done so far and I mean it!

    Broken links, redundancies, missing pages and formatting/coding errors are to be expected initially. Now’s the time to catch them before the new website goes public, and I’ll send those that I’ve been able to identify via back-channel. They are few and far between.

    I’ll also try to help you with the empty Reunions pages, but your requirement of putting each in a different folder will take a bunch of time. I thought WYSIWYG could sort that out for you (?) Anyway, I’ll do what I can to identify the pictures belonging to each reunion and will send those identifiers to you a few at a time.

    Cheers, keep up the good work, and Happy New Year!

    Gary Nophsker
    Misty 128 and previous webguy

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