Since May 2011, we’ve been working to obtain and post a biography on each Misty.  This list identifies those that are now available, but more biographies may be added each week so check back.

The biographies are in the “Misty” sequence; i.e., in the order that each person joined the organization.

Click on a name to obtain a biography.  Many of them are in PDF format which requires your computer to have Adobe Acrobat Reader to read them.   Not to worry if you don’t have it, just click here, download (free), then try again.


Misty 1 Bud Day (MOH)

misty 2 Bill_Douglass

Misty 4 Gary_Thompkins

Misty 6 Dick_Meyer

Misty 7 Barney_Dalton

Misty 9 Chuck_Turner

Misty 12 Bob_Blocher

Misty 17 Bob Craner

Misty 15 Keith Heinger

Misty 21 PJ White

Misty 22 Charlie Neel
Misty 23 jere wallace

Misty 24 Jim Mack

Misty 29 Guy Gruters
Misty 30 Mick Greene

Misty 33 <Hog Piner

Misty 34 Don Shepperd

Misty 35 Don Jones

Misty 39 <Elmer Slavey

Misty 40 Dick Rutan

Misty 43 Howie Williams

Misty 44 Lanny Lancaster

Misty 45 P.K. Robinson

Misty 46 Mike McElhanon

Misty 47 Don Kilgus

Misty 48 Frank Swartz

Misty 49 George Hanks

Misty 50 Wells Jackson

Misty 51 John Overlock

Misty 52 Chuck Shaheen

Misty 54 Steve Amdor

Misty 57 Bud Bacon

Misty 60 Roy Bridges

Misty 63 Doug Weidman

Misty 67 Rosie Detwiler

Misty 70 Bob Konopka

Misty 73 Clyde Seiler

Misty 75 Chuck Holden

Misty 82 Jim Sue

Misty 86 Ron Fogleman

Misty 88 John Grathwol

Misty 89 Arnie Clarke

Misty 91 John Boles

Misty 93 Lacy Veach

Misty 94 Tony McPeak

Misty 97 Bob Wilson

Misty 99 Ron Standerfer

Misty 100 Gib Ahl

Misty 101 Jim Nugent

Misty 105 Jack Dickey

Misty 106 Lee Gourley

Misty 110 Scotty Dotson

Misty 118 Jerry Hallman
Misty 126 Bill Gabel
Misty 127 Pat Carroll
Misty 128 Gary Nophsker
Misty 135 Rex Morris
Misty 136 Larry Whitford
Misty 137 Alan Robinson
Misty 145 Jack Doub
Misty 146 Lynn Farnsworth

Misty 148 Paul Tackabury

Misty 150 Vince Cattolica

Misty 153 Mike Hinkle
Misty A 2 Don Snyder
Misty A 3 Tom Tapman
Misty F 1 Dr. Dean Echenberg
Misty S 1 Joe Caruso