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Kevin Bryan wrote on June 25, 2017:
I just want to commend the group of exceptional people who take their time and effort to keep this site up. My father Col. Robert "Bullet" Bryan, Misty 77 never spoke much of his time at Phu Cat. The stories and first person articles of these men and what they accomplished is beyond comprehension for most people and I applaud each and everyone one of them. While every article adds to my understanding about just what type of person my dad was and the dangers he faced, moreover it strengthens my life's view that he was my greatest hero and inspiration. Besides, what kid wouldn't want a fighter pilot for a dad. To all of those Misty pilots still with us and those that aren't you are the definition of patriotism in this great land.
megan guerrero wrote on April 30, 2017:
I came across this sight while just browsing the web and it made my day so much better to see my grandfathers name on here. I know it was just a small entry on the sight about c. "Bill" williams. But it makes me happy to see him being remembered somewhere.
Jim Loomis wrote on December 11, 2016:
Looking for contact information for Mistys who participated in the rescue of Scotch 03, F-105 pilot on 1-2 Jul 1968 for mission study for possible award upgrades for Jolly Green rescue crew. I know Dick Rutan was one. Also looking for a tape recording made by a Misty, possibly Rutan. Thanks
Bill Tasi wrote on December 7, 2016:
I was a F-100 Crew Chief at Tuy Hoa Airbase from July,1969-1970 My plane was 55-2945 and my Pilot was Lt Carroll Johnson. Many times I strapped Vince Catolica and Paul Tackabury into F-100F models heading out to very long Misty missions. All of the Pilots at Tuy Hoa were fantastic. Nothing but great memories of them and their dedicated service to our country.
Tom Clark wrote on May 23, 2016:
I just finished reading "Bury Us Upside Down" and have also read "American Patriot" about Col. Bud Day. What a thoroughly engaging set of stories around the Misty group! I was too young for Vietnam (born in 1958), but certainly followed it as a teenager. I just want to say how thankful I am for men such as the Mistys, on the ground and in the air, for your service to our country.
Wyman R Sharpe wrote on April 26, 2016:
A remarkable record for any unit. If my R&R had been 8 or 9 days earlier, I would have been #9 instead of Chuck Turner. No better man could have taken the job. We were in the same squadron in Germany before VN with Jack Harris, #10. Bob Blocher, #12 and I were in the same gunnery class at Luke. Michael McElhanon and I were A/C classmates and instructed together in the T-33 IP school after it was transferred to Randolph where I was instructing in the USAF Jet Qualification Course {JQC} and moved to the IP school. I never knew what the assignment was, just that it was a top secret assignment. I accidentally stumbled on Misty FAC a few years ago when searching for old classmates and friends for 2 classmates writing and publishing biographies of our class. Michael's bio and mine are in Volume one of their books "Flying into History: Meet the Heroes of Air Force Flying Class 55N. The Misty FACs are indeed LEGEND. Wyman R. Sharpe, Major USAF retired