Misty Pilots: Shootdowns, Rescues and Rescaps

Rescued Misty Pilots 

Misty FACs operated from 15 June 1967 to 19 May 1970


NOTE:  Misty numbers listed here were assigned after the war and relates to the order the pilot was assigned to the unit.  Call signs for each mission were based on time of day.  


Flights were around four hours.  The first morning mission was “Misty 11” would be replaced by “Misty 21” then “Misty 31” and finally “Misty 41” allowing coverage of up to 16 hours per day in Route Pack 1 in North Viet Nam until late 1968 and then missions were primarily in Laos.


A full list of the 157 Misty pilots can be obtained at http://www.mistyvietnam.com/timelines.html 


JOLLY crewmember information gathered from Bob Lapointe’s website: http://www.pjsinnam.com/VN_History/db_home.htm 


Misty No.   Pilot     Date of Rescue     Rank at Time



1  DAY, GEORGE E. (Bud) 26Aug67 POW until Feb73   Maj   

Jolly Crew C Ray Dunn RCC/IP, W. Rich Blackwell RCCP, Fredric Halbert, FE, Joseph Duffy, PJ, Johnny Griffin, Combat Photographer – HH-3E -No Pickup due to no radio contract. –HH-3E- 37 ARRS DaNang

13   Kippenhan, Corwin M. (Kipp)  26Aug67  Rescued        Capt  

Jolly Crew C Ray Dunn RCC, W. Rich Blackwell RCCP, Fredric Halbert, FE, Joseph Duffy, PJ, Johnny Griffin (AP) , Combat Photographer – Misty 31 Alpha picked up 26 Aug 67 at Fingers Lake, North Viet Nam HH-3E – 37 ARRS DaNang  - JG 28 BD; Maj George E. Day (A) captured; Silver Star for helo AC, DFCs for CP, FE and PJ; JG 26(H) driven off by 57mm.  –HH-3E- 37 ARRS DaNang


MISTY FAC for Rescue - Bill Mayberry MISTY 5 and ?????? Flying as MISTY 32 for this mission




22Neel, Charles B. (Charlie)    08Nov67  Rescued              Capt

Jolly Crew W. Rich Blackwell, RCC, Joe Bowers, RCCP, Bob Baldwin, FE, , James A. Bowers, FE, Martin  Roepstorff, PJ, Combat Photographer – Thomas E Altenburg, (AP) .  Successful Pickup off North Viet Nam Coast under fire –HH-3E- 37 ARRS DaNang 

25   Jones, Eben D.(Jonesy)        07Apr68  Rescued           Capt 

Harry W. Walker, RCC, Louis D. Yuhas, RCCP, Bernard W. Grau, FE, Michael R. Fraboni, PJ, Bradley W. Kirk, (AP) – HH-3E  Det. 1, 40 ARRS NKP

26   Sibson, Don A. (Sib)    30Dec67  Rescued           Maj   

William E. Brennan, RCC, Frank Cardile, RCCP, John Enriquez, FE, Ricky D Hindman, PJ, Glenn C Colley AP – HH-3E  37 ARRS DaNang

The mission overland, and JG 10(L) picked up both survivors.  JG 27(H) stayed above the clouds while the pickup was going on.

Rich’s memory – It seems the whole of NVN was under heavy cloud cover.  Bill Brennan was being escorted above the clouds when a hole appeared.  Bill was able to descend down through the hole and the hole closed before the High Bird could get down.  Bill and crew proceeded low level, under the clouds until he was able to get to the survivors.  

29  Gruters, Guy D.   08Nov67 Rescued   20Dec67 POW until Feb73  Capt  

8 Nov 67 Pickup  -  Maj Arthur Anderson, RCC, Capt Ernie Betancourt, RCCP, SSGT Elmer Larry Holden, FE (KIA June 1968),  Sgt Ricky Hindman PJ.   Successful Pickup off North Viet Nam Coast under fire –HH-3E  37 ARRS DaNang 

Guy captured immediately on 20 Dec 67 along with Misty17 Bob Craner.

36Williams, Brian (B. Willy) 18Mar68 Rescued           Capt 

Joe B. Green, RCC, Gerald B. Lowe, RCCP, Robert H. Baldwin, FE, Steve M. Northern, PJ#1, Deceased Michael L. Walker, PJ#2 Deceased – HH-3E – 37 ARRS  DaNang - Capt Howard K. Williams (A) KIA this event

40   Rutan, Richard G.(Dick)      17Aug68  Rescued              Capt 

Lonnie L. Mixon, (USCG) RCC, Don W. Wiegard, RCCP, Herbert H. Honer, FE, Robert K. Cassidy, PJ - Water landing HH-3E – 37ARRS  DaNang



52Shaheen, Charles A.(Chuck)  17Aug68  Rescued              Capt 

Charles E. Wicker, RCC, Robert E. Booth, RCCP, Jackie L. Mangrum, FE, Eugene L. Nardi, PJ#1, James A. Thibodeau, PJ#2 -Water landing  HH-3E – 37ARRS  DaNang

55   Jenny, David W.(Dave)      X           05Jul68  Rescued           Capt  

David W. Jenny had Preston B. Hardy (Attached) in the back seat when they were shot down on 05Jul68 – See A-4 at end of the list

Water landing, Marine CH-46 recovered (A), Capt. David W. Jenny, Columbia, S.C 

61  Kimball, Frank T.           20Nov68 Rescued           Capt  

Jolly Crew, Lt Col John J. Devlin RCC (37 ARRS Commander) Maj. Herman C. Stafford Jr., Charles L. Manes, FE, Eugene L. Nardi, PJ  PJ  - 150 ft hover above tree canopy  HH-3E, 37 ARRS DaNang 

66   Irving, L.      20Nov68  Rescued             Capt  

Jolly Crew, Lt Col John J. Devlin RCC (37 ARRS Commander) Maj. Herman C. Stafford Jr., Charles L.  Manes, FE, Eugene L. Nardi, PJ  - 150 ft hover above tree canopy  HH-3E, 37 ARRS DaNang

Spads – William Farnam & Capt _ Thomas

67 Detwiler, Ross (Rosie) April 22, 1969Rescued – Shot Down in F-100D after completing MISTY tour

Charles P. Lowry, RCC, Bruce E.  Prouse, RCCP,  James E. Jenereaux, FE. John J. Eldridge, PJ

77   Bryan, Robert (Bullet Bob) X           12Jan69  Rescued             1Lt

1Lt R.E. Bryan (B) picked up by OH-6 

83Cassaro, Robert F. (Cass)     12Jan69  Rescued             Capt  

Richard D. Griffiths, RCC, (Deceased), Homer H. Howell RCCP, Leslie E. Bunting, FE, Thomas T Winters, PJ   HH-3E, 37 ARRS DaNang

88  Grathwol, John M.  (Deceased) 23Jan69 Rescued          Maj 

Charles E.  Wicker, RCC, Russell G. Mills, RCCP, Arthur L. Ambrose, FE, Thomas T.  Winters, PJ - – HH-3E, 37 ARRS DaNang

89   Clarke, Colin A.(Arnie}      23Jan69  Rescued         Capt 

James H. Grady, RCC, Donald P. Olsen, RCCP, Charles L. Manes, FE, Robert K. Cassidy, PJ – HH-3E, 37 ARRS DaNang

 93  Veach, Charles Lacy  (Deceased)     01Apr69 Rescued     1Lt  

Henry E Simpson, Jr RCC, Robert A Reichert, RCCP, Charles Severns FE, Eugene L. Nardi PJ, Donald M. Lester AP – HH-3E, 37 ARRS DaNang


99Standerfer, Ronald G.(Ron)  01Apr69  Rescued        Maj 

Henry E Simpson, Jr RCC, Robert A Reichert, RCCP, Charles Severns FE, Eugene L. Nardi PJ, Donald M. Lester AP – HH-3E, 37 ARRS DaNang

119Muller, Don (Devil)          24Oct69  Rescued               1Lt 

Robert T. Ritchie, (USCG) RCC, Sidney A. Sosnow RCCP, Frank Gaydos Jr. FE, Jon K Hoberg PJ#1, Edward K. Rendle, PJ#2  JG 76 shot off on first attempt; Silver Star for AC, DFC for CP/FE/PJ1, 

Also picked Donald Smith, PJ; Air Force Cross for Smith - HH-3E, 37 ARRS DaNang

132Clapper, Jack K.            24Oct69  Rescued       Capt

Ted L. Smith, RCC, Edward B. Robbins, RCCP, Robert E.  Hunt, FE, Paul L. Jenkins, PJ#1 (KIA 30 June 1970), Leland H. Sorensen, PJ#2 –HH-3E – Det. 1 40 ARRS


JG 28 Low bird, attempt to pick up MISTY 119, Charley Langham, RCC, Charles Bond, RCCP, James E. Smith, FE, Donald Smith, PJ

Aircraft shot up while in hover and hoist failed.  TSgt Donald Smith, PJ had been lowered to assist survivor.  TSgt Donald Smith, PJ stayed with pilot.

Aircraft crashed 1.5 miles away from survivor’s location. 

Silver Star for AC, DFC for CP/FE/PJ1, Air Force Cross for PJ Donald Smith; JG 21(H


Langham & crew recovered by another Jolly - High Bird USCG LT Dick Butchka, RCC.  (Deceased)  , John Coder RCCP, Joe Vai, FE. George F. Hoffman, PJ – HH-3E- 37 ARRS, Da Nang


Donald R. Almanzar, RCC, Peter L. Fekke, RCCP, Harold R. Hailey, FE, Anthony J. McFarr PJ#1, Douglas W. Crowder, PJ#2, Gregory L. Anderson, (KIA) (AP)  HH-53. 40 ARRS.   Three pickup attempts, shot off last time w/ battle damage; made emergency landing at Saravane 

134   Merrill, Josiah L.III(Josh)   18Jan70  Rescued       1Lt

Ted L.  Smith, RCC, John A. Raper, RCCP,  Daryl I.  Durant, FE,  Ricky L Fleming, PJ#1, Lehman L. Booher, PJ#2,  F-100 hit by 23mm near Ban Tok, tried to make Thailand; helo needed immediate AAR w/ HC-130, only 400 left  HH-3E – Det. 1 40 ARRS




138Scott, Harry D 18Jan70 Rescued      Capt

Ted L.  Smith, RCC, John A. Raper, RCCP,  Daryl I.  Durant, FE, Ricky L Fleming, PJ#1, Lehman L. Booher, PJ#2, F-100 hit by 23mm near Ban Tok, tried to make Thailand; helo needed immediate AAR w/ HC-130, only 400 left  HH-3E – Det. 1 40 ARRS

143Brown, Daniel F.,III (Dan)19Jan70 Rescued         Capt

David A. Voigt, RCC, John A. Tyson, RCCP, Randy L. Luke FE, Luther E. Davis, PJ. (KIA 25 May 1970)  – HH-43, Det 7 38 ARRS

146Farnsworth, E.    19Jan & 19Mar70 Rescued     Capt

19 Jan 70 Pick-up - John H. Winter, RCC, James Z. Elkington. RCCP, Joseph J. Vai FE, Gary T. Osborne, PJ#1, George P. Hoffman III, PJ#2


19 Mar 70 Pick-up – David E.  Vaughan, RCC, James Z.  Elkington, RCCP, Claude C. Franks, FE, Terry L. Wetzel, PJ  - F-100F.  The crew was shot down just north of Delta 43, while doing an assessment of the status of an IDP (interdiction point).; Sandies laid smoke, JG 35/36 high cover during split pickups - HH-3E – 37 ARRS DaNang

151   Richards, James P. (J.P.)     08May70  Rescued               1Lt   

  Recovered by Loach in Laos

153Davies II, James D.          19Mar70  Rescued               Capt 

John H. Fette, RCC, Charles C.  Adams, RCCP, Gerald L. Hartzell, FE, Robert  Reisig, PJ#1, Jon K. Hoberg, PJ#2 – Damaged acft flew back to Thailand for bailout; survivor injured, Davies had broken leg ,requiring both PJs on ground, 20 minute hover. - HH-3E – 37 ARRS DaNang

155Marks, Jerry                 08May70  Rescued               Maj  

Recovered in Laos by small unmarked helicopter (Possibly Air America)

A- 2   Snyder, Don                 30Dec67  Rescued                                Capt                 

William E. Brennan, RCC, Frank Cardile, RCCP, John Enriquez, FE, Ricky D Hindman, PJ, Glenn C Colley AP - HH-3E – 37 ARRS DaNang

A- 3   Tapman, Thomas R    07Apr68  Rescued     Maj

Harry W. Walker, RCC, Louis D. Yuhas, RCC, Bernard W. Grau, FE, Michael R. Fraboni, PJ,  Bradley W. Kirk, (AP) – – HH-3E  Det. 1, 40 ARRS NKP



A-4Hardy, Preston B.   05Jul68  Rescued           Col    

 Lance A Eagan (USCG), Deceased, RCC, Richard D. Griffiths, Deceased, RCCP, Gordon T. Greever, Deceased FE, James F,  Spears,  (Deceased) PJ - Water landing - CH-46 recovered (A) Capt D.W. Jennie, HH-3E – 37 ARRS DaNang





15 October 1967 -Gunfighter Lead in North Viet Nam - Gunfighter 2 Feet Wet toward Da Nang.

Misty 21 – Mac McHugh/Jim Mack

F-4C -Stilletto 01,  Survivors - Robert Malloy. William S. Paul each picked by the following JOLLYs:

JOLLY #1 Fred H. Otte, RCC, Ernest B. Betancourt Jr., RCCP, Smith Williams Jr. FE, Rodger A. Klenovich, PJ - HH-3E – 37 ARRS  DaNang

JOLLY #2 Thomas E. Bair, RCC, Mark H. Mutchler, RCCP, Charles M, Harris, FE, Peter H.  Eyrich, PJ - HH-3E – 37 ARRS DaNang 


11 November 1967 –AWOL – F-4 – Sandy Shot Down on Mission and rescued.  Jolly crewmember  wounded.  Misty 21. Don Sibson and Ray Lee –  Lance Sijan AWOL 01B not rescued and died as a POW.

Misty 11 – Jim Mack & ????

Multiple Jollys and A-1 Sandys from Nakhon Phanom (NKP), Thailand


Pickup of Sandy Pilot - William E .Griffith, 

James H Platt RCC, Edward J Sichterman Jr, RCCP, Benny D Negrette, FE, Roy A. Taylor, PJ  HH-3E NKP


AFC to A-1E Ralph Hoggatt; JG 27 watched A-1 crash; PJ down to untangle survivor; Silver Star for PJ; DFC for CP, FE 


20 November 1967

Crab 02B - F-4C Mission supported by MISTY FAC Charlie Neel – Jere Wallace

Herbert D.  Kalen, RCC, Robert A.  Bunker (Deceased), RCCP, William L. Carroll, FE,  Donald K. Claudius Jr., PJ,  Survivor - James L . Badly (KIA in 1968); (B) made it to shore (I believe he landed on shore-WRB), helo landed for p/u. HH-3E,  37 ARRS Da Nang


Rich Blackwell, RCC, John I. Patterson, RCCP, Jimmy L. Dodgen, FE, Donald J. Boushelle, PJ  - HH-3E – 37 ARRS DaNang  (JOLLY 07) HH-3E,  37 ARRS Da Nang


JG 07 scrambled from CIGAR (MACV Compound at Quang Tri to check out oil slick / raft; landed for closer look, but no survivor.  Raft, not inflated was amid wreckage, it was assumed that Capt John M. Martin (A) did not eject and died when the aircraft impacted the sea.  JOLLY landed on water impact site, no evidence pilot survived the crash.  JOLLY eventually driven off  by ground fire from shore.


1/18/1968 Hangar 01A  F-4D North Viet Nam

Mission supported by MISTY FAC Charlie Smith (MISTY 38)

Henry C.  Conant, RCC, George W. Greer, RCCP, Don E. Cole, FE,  Patrick F. Allaire, PJ, Survivor Scott B. Stovin HH-3E NKP

 1Lt Thomas N. Moe (B) became POW - returned 1973; DFC for CP, FE, DFC (1OLC) for PJ: JG 37(H)  


14 March  1968 - Gunfighter 41 In Ah Shau Valley  


First F-4 pilot recovered by Army Huey

Stuart H. Hoag, RCC, Gerald B. Lowe, RCCP, Dennis M. Richardson, FE, James D. Locker, PJ (KIA 9 June 1968).  Attempting to recover second pilot, shot off survivor, FE WIA in shootout with enemy; Silver Stars for AC, CP, PJ; AFC nomination for FE (not resolved). 

Joe B. Green, RCC, Charles R. Klinkert, RCCP, Windell L. Stumbaugh, FE, Angus C. McDougall, PJ

UH-1B was attempting to recover second pilot and were shot down.  Army Crew recovered were R. L.  Greene, G. W.  Hubbell, plus survivors Sgt E.A. Jackson and Cpl M.W. Miller, Silver Star for AC, CP, PJ 

All Aircraft - HH-3E,  37 ARRS Da Nang

Mistys Ed Risinger, Don Sheppard


Later than 11 April 1968 - Strobe 01 - -F-105 First Light Mission in North Viet Nam – Dick Rutan was the Misty Mission Coordinator  


9 Jun 1968 - Master 01 Maj Carl Light - F-105 First Light Mission in North Viet Nam 

F-105 First Light Mission in North Viet Nam Misty Pilots –Shaheen &Don Kilgus Misty 21 – Charlie Summers & Lanny Lancaster Misty 11  

Donald P. Olsen, RCC, Charles R. Klinkert, RCCP, James A. Bowers, FE, Nathaniel T. Smith Jr. , PJ - HH-3E,  37 ARRS Da Nang


Two F-4D - Hudson 02A/B pilots rescued on same day 

 Donald G. Simpson, RCC, John E. Hannan, RCCP, Herbert H. Honer, FE, James F. Spears,  (Deceased) PJ – Survivors William H. Bergman, (A) , David A.  Willett, (B)   HH-3E,  37 ARRS Da Nang

 Loss of Jolly 23 and crew on separate mission in A Shau Valley South Viet Nam

Unknown Date Probably between July 1968 to Sep -Unknown aircraft in North Viet Nam – Da Nang Jolly H-3 responded from Functional Check Flight – PJ Went to ground for recovery


1 July 68 Scotch 3, a F-105 Thunderchief was hit. Lt. Col. Jack Modica.  Jolly 21 was low bird and the crew, Lt. Lance Eagan, USCG, (Deceased) Aircraft Commander, with Maj. Bob Booth, USAF copilot, Sgt. Herb Honer, Engineer, and A1C Joel Talley PJ

25 July 1968 Strobe 10B, RF-4C – MISTY Pilots, Dick Rutan & Donald Harland

Paul D. Ashley, RCC, Ronald G. Spray, RCCP, Jimmy L. Dodgen, FE,  James L. Miller, PJ,  Survivor - Robert F. Brodman, (A) was Maj Gen Robert F. Worley, apparently disabled by flames when RCP ejected; fatally injured in crash. HH-3E,  37 ARRS Da Nang

25 July 1968  - Hellborn – Marine A-6 Hellborn 20A - Maj Curtis Lawson, USMC A-6 Intruder pilot,  Hellborne 20B - Capt Paul G. Brown (Captured and held as POW. Released on March 14, 1973.  

Curtis Lawson recovered by Charles E.  Wicker, RCC, Robert E. Booth, RCCP, John Enriquez, FE, Steve M. Northern, PJ (Deceased)  HH-3E,  37 ARRS Da Nang

Wild SAR - flew in and out right above water to survivor position, shooting all the way - fired 2,400 rds M60, (B) POW 

High Bird – Vern Dander RCC

Have comments from Vern on this mission, rest of his crew members unknown

Original Low Bird-Aborted -Billy Wingfield, RCC, Deceased, Frank Cardile, RCCP

July 14 1968 – F-105 Call Sign Panda ( Maj. Mark or Robe Hanna– Misty P. K. Robininson

Recovery by NKP HH-53 supported by Sandys

Edward L,  Heft, RCC, Roger C. Gibson, RCCP, Jarvis E. Peele, FE, Jay T.  Lombard, PJ – HH-3E Det. 1, 40th ARRS NKP

1 Sep 68 – Sage 01B – RF-4C - No record found but the following was an NVN mission on this date. 

(Carter 02A F-4D)  Jack R. Wilson, (A) 

Jollys from NKP

Edward L. Heft, RCC, Stuart M. Silver, RCCP, Gregory G. Gallager, FE, Don A. Beasley, PJ, -  AH-1H Sandy Pilot William A. Jones III  HH-3E Det. 1, 40th ARRS NKP


1Lt William L. Kinkade (B) KIA this event; Medal of Honor mission for A-1 lead - Lt Col William Jones 

25 November 1968 Grommet 02 RF-4 - Jolly 19, Jolly 20 and Sandys (Probably from NKP) Unsuccessful Rescue! Mistys Chuck Holden and Bob Konopka


Date Unknown Jan – Maybe Feb 1968– Playboy –51A an 51A (both pilots used same ground call signs), an A-4  - Successful recovery of both pilots ( Probably from NKP) pick south of Tchepone

January 24, 1969  Misty 51 worked rescue of Honda 3A and B 

Jolly 17 = Lance Egan as RCC, Deceased, Captain Roger Gibson as Co-pilot, FM MSgt Arthur Krum, PJs A1C Douglas Horka and TSgt Dal Widner – HH-3E – 37 ARRS - DaNang

5 January 1970 Pick up of ground party in Steel Tiger South area.  Sandy Support, Pickup aircraft unknown.







RCC    Rescue Crew Commander

RCCP  Rescue Crew Copilot

FE  Flight Engineer

PJ  Pararescue Specialist

AP Aerial Photographer

Misty Rescue Dates